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Attesting Photocopies

Although these documents are commonly known as certified photocopies, the notary law refers to these documents as attested photocopies. T & T notary understands the importance of the notary publics job. Notaries must actually make the photocopy or supervise another person while the original document copies are being made. However, there are certain documents that cannot be attested by a notary and can only be certified by the county clerk of court or vital records. The following documents can be photocopied from the original (if not officially filed or recorded) and attested to by a notary:

■ Florida driver’s license
■ Florida vehicle title
■ Social Security card
■ Diploma
■ Medical record
■ U.S. passport
■ Bill of sale
■ Contract
■ Lease
■ Resident alien card
■ Personal letter



(In-office Only)


  • Notary Service - $10.00 per notarized stamp 

  • Print Fee - $1.00 per page

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