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Notary Stamps
Become A Florida Notary
  • Meet the State's requirements

  • Complete & Submit an application

  • Pass the State's administered exam

  • Receive the Certificate Commission from the state

  • Get your Notary Supplies

FL Secretary of State for Notaries

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Working from Home
Become Trained & Certified

There are several training programs to help move you a long in a career as a Notary Signing Agent. Technically, Florida does not require you to become trained and certified, but there could be financially damaging  or worst consequences if you perform illegal or irresponsible actions. Being trained and certified provides the confidence needed to perform the job professionally, responsibly, and accurately. As a result, you will be one of the most busiest Notary Signing Agents in our profession. 

T & T Notary recommends 2 training companies that are recognized widely in the Notary profession: (optional NOT required)

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Team work

T & T Notary provides mentorship classes and opportunities for new loan signing agents. We all started as new notary signing agents so we know the anxiety that comes with being a new agent and having the full confidence of  starting your new career. Becoming trained and certified prepares you with the business, but having a mentor helps provide you the on-the-job training before the real thing. Feel free to check out how we can help you transition into a successful notary signing agent.

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Why become a Notary Signing Agent?

People become notaries public every day, but few choose to take their career to the next level by becoming a notary signing agent (NSA). With additional training, notaries can get certified to execute loan documents for mortgage companies, title companies, banks, and more. An NSA is a trained and certified professional that handles the notarization of documents in the real estate industry. NSAs serve as the critical final link between the banks and the borrower in completing loans. They are hired directly by title companies and signing services as independent contractors to ensure that real estate documents are executed properly by the borrower and notarized, and returned for processing. Notaries make a considerable amount of income from this line of work, in addition to general notary work. Getting certified as a signing agent is a great way to increase income potential either part-time or full-time.

What is a Notary Signing Agent?


A notary is an appointed public official commissioned by the governor of the state. As a notary, your primary duty is to  witness signatures and verify the identity of signers. As a notary loan signing agent, you are expanding your duties of a general notary. A loan signing agent is someone who has a notary public from their state and who describes loan documents for various clients. Loan signing agents witness signatures AND walk borrowers through the loan signing process. Their primary responsibility is for making sure the documents are all signed and notarized as needed. Therefore, a loan signing agent is a notary public who has been trained and certified to facilitate mortgage loan closings. They are an instrumental part of the real estate transaction process.  

What Experience Do I Need?

No prior industry experience needed or college degree. That's right! Notary signing agents come from all types of professional backgrounds. You simply need an active notary commission from your state. Acquiring additional training and certification is optional but highly recommended and respected in the field as any other field of work. Additional training will prepare you for success, as well as, provide you the knowledge of the profession. Being certified means that the notary public has had training and testing completed by a professional organization providing the most valuable and trusted credentials in the nation.

What are the benefits of being a Notary Signing Agent?

  • Signing Agents are in High Demand

  • Work Part-time or Full-time

  • Set Your Own Schedule

  • Increase Your Income Potential

  • Helping Fulfill a Community Need

  • Achieve Personal & Professional Growth

Steps In Becoming A 

Certified Notary Signing Agent

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