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Transaction Coordinator: #1 Way Top Realtors Succeed In 2022

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

What obstacles prevent agents from succeeding?

Statistically, about 85-90% of real estate agents fail within their first 5 years of entering the industry. Did you hear me? About 85-90% percent of agents fail within their first 5 years. If you are hoping to sustain a long-term successful real estate career you must differentiate yourself from the crowd.

It is commonly known that home buying and selling is one of the most stressful and life changing decisions a family can make. New agents are burdened by having little to no experience while trying to guide homebuyers and sellers throughout this difficult process. Experienced agents are familiar with the home buying process, but they are plagued with paperwork, scheduling appointments, marketing their business, etc. The lack of support within the industry is one of the biggest reasons real estate agents give up on their dreams and expire the real estate license that they have worked so hard to obtain.

So, how do top real estate agents beat the odds and stand out in today’s market? Studies show that the best way to stand out as a real estate agent is to be a part of an amazing team!

At T & T Notary, we give real estate agents the support they need. Our staff of transaction coordinators assist by completing daily administrative tasks and much more. We manage emails, confirm & schedule appointments, and oversee buyer/seller transactions from contract to close. This means you will have more time to focus on selling homes and closing deals.

You may be thinking “Ugh, just another way someone can cut into my commission”. The beautiful thing about transaction coordinators is they are paid a flat fee at closing, so they are dedicated to helping you every step of the way ensuring you are a successful agent. On average, our transaction coordinators increase productivity of busy real estate agents by 50%. The ability to have someone to support your daily duties frees up time for you to spend more time with clients, get more contracts executed, or enjoy time with your family and friends.

Do you still not see the value TC’s provide?

One of the most substantial benefits of having a TC is that they are available for you throughout the entire process. Let’s say you are at the closing table with a buyer and they notice that the HUD Statement doesn’t have the correct final numbers. Instead of feeling stressed about the situation, you can just give your TC a quick call or email and they will provide you with the updated Hud Statement. When working with a team like ours, problems will be resolved in a matter of minutes so your client feels confident closing their deal.

Feel free to give us a call or email to learn more about our services and how we can support your real estate career at 407-995-6439 or

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