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Real Estate Closings

Our Notary Signing agents are experienced in guiding our clients through their loan documents. We make sure documents are completed accurately and notarized in compliance with Florida law. We handle all real estate document transactions such as new home loans, reverse mortgages, refinances, closing contracts, and property transfers.  We also act as an impartial third-party witness and ensure all documents are executed properly. T & T Notary agents know how to walk borrowers through the loan signing process to conduct the highest caliber of service in closings.


In-Office / Mobile Appt

Includes all mortgage documents

  • Loan Modifications                                                         $85.00

  • HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) Closing               $125.00


  • Buyer Side (only) Closing                                               $175.00

  • Seller Side (only) Closing                                                $125.00

  • Refinance Closing                                                           $175.00

  • Initial Disclosures | Mortgage Loan Application          $200.00


  • Purchase Closing (buyer & seller side)                           $250.00​

  • Reverse Mortgage Closing                                            $275.00



Additional Add Ons

​​Additional $25.00 witness fee, if required

Reprint Package Fee - $15.00

Additional $10.00 Late fee applies if you arrive 15 minutes past scheduled appt time.


After Hours (6pm - 8pm) charge - Additional $10.00


Holiday charge - Additional $15.00

​ ​   Cancellation fee - 50% of fee charged if canceled before 2 hrs of signing / 100% fee charged within 2 hours of signing

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