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Full-Service Real Estate
Transaction Coordinator Services
Luxury House

Why Us

Real estate agents just don't have the time for daily administrative work while working with new clients. Our transaction coordinators aim to make the process easier and simpler for you and your clients. We coordinate your transactions from the beginning of an executed contract to the day of the closing, with top-notch customer service, administrative support, and effective communication. With one of our transaction coordinators, you will have more free time to service your clients and focus more on your next deal.

Our Guarantee on Every Transaction:


 Integrity, Reliability, & Professionalism

Familiar with Dotloop, Skyslope, & Docusign

We're with you from contract to close.
Services we provide:

Handle Closing Documents, Securely.

Ensure all Documents are Fully Executed with Signatures & Initials. Reach Out for Corrections, if necessary.

Keep All parties Informed. Introduction Emails & Copy of Executed Contract to Agents, Sellers, Buyers, Lender, and Title Company.

Ensure the Lender, Title Company, & Broker Receive any Amendments or Changes to the Contract.

Contact Title Company for a Copy of the EM Check Receipt & Email Receipt to Co-op Agent.

Keep in Contact with Lender & Title Company Throughout the Transaction. Provide Agent Email Updates on the Status of the Transaction.

Update Deadlines from Amendment Extensions

Order Home Warranty per Contract

Collect HOA Documents & Email to Buyer's Agent or Buyer.

Coordinate & Monitor status of Buyer's Loan with Loan Officer

Schedule  & Coordinate all inspections

Monitor Appraisal Timeline & Completion with Lender

Schedule Closing Appointment & Coordinate Utility Transfer.

Check-in with the Lender Regarding the Appraisal & any Work Orders or Appraised Value Issues.

Upload all Documents, Disclosures, & Reports in Agents TMS as They are Received or Executed, if Applicable.

Ensure Represented Client is Provided a Copy of all Documents.

Maintain Constant Contact with all Parties Involved for Status Updates as well as Outstanding Items.

Confirm Closing Date & Time with all Parties Involved. 

Coordinate & Confirm Final Walk- Through.

Conduct a Final Audit of File 7 Days Prior to Closing to Ensure all Documents are Uploaded & the File is Complete.

Upload Final Hud/CD to TMS for Agent Compliance, if Applicable.

Additional Services to Contracted Buyer's Agent:

  • Upload Buyer's Rep Agreement & all Broker Required Forms

  • Submit all Executed Contracts, Counterproposals, & Amendment Extensions, (if Applicable) to Lender

  • Arrange EM pick up/remind the buyer to wire if necessary

  • Upload all Forms, Amendments, & Addendums for Compliance, if Applicable

  • Follow-up on Repairs & Receipts

  • Provide Utility Contact Info & Remind Buyer to Transfer Utilities

  • Coordinate Key Transfer

  • Coordinate Closing Gift per Agent Instructions, if applicable

Additional Services to Contracted Seller's Agent:

  • Upload Listing Agreement & all Broker Required Forms

  • Follow-up on all Signatures of all Documents

  • MLS Data input to show pending, closed, etc.

  • Upload all Forms, Amendments, & Addendums for Compliance, if Applicable

  • Follow-up on Repairs & Receipts

  • Order for Sale Sign Down

  • Coordinate Key Transfer

  • Coordinate Closing Gift per Agent Instructions, if applicable

  • High Quality Interior & Exterior Listing Photos

  • High Quality Listing Video Walkthrough

Agent Expectations

Although we limit the amount of administrative work for agents, there are a few things we need from our agents to help make the process as smooth as possible:

  / Review Escrow Instructions
  / Review Settlement Statements

  / Review Preliminary Title Reports

  / Negotiate and/or make changes to contract

  / Respond Timely


* Listing Side - $350.00 

* Buyer Side - $350.00

Dual Transactions - $550.00

* Broker Compliance (Only) - $150.00 

* High Quality Listing Photos - $120.00

* Listing Video Walkthrough - $80.00

$50.00 Non-refundable deposit upfront.
Remainder to be paid at closing.

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