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Legal Services 

T & T Notary are not attorneys licensed to practice in the state of law of Florida and we will not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

Are you looking for legal protection that fits right in your pocket?


We have partnered with a legal service that is here to be your shield in the world of legal uncertainties. We believe everyone deserves access to legal help and protection without breaking the bank.

Legal issues can be confusing and complicated. Most lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour just to review contracts, answer questions, or do consultations. And let's not even discuss retainer fee charges.


Having access to lawyers that can help you enter contracts, handle disputes, understand confusing legal jargon and so much more, means you don't have to face legal problems alone. There is a better way to hire a lawyer and not go broke.












If you have ever been arrested, faced an injury from an auto accident, been served a warrant, or needed to get a divorce, then having a team of lawyers on standby working on your behalf for a "Dollar a Day" might just benefit you more than paying upfront ridiculous fees. You will have a team of attorneys that can support you and you will have the pleasure of saying "Let me run that by my attorney" before making any major decisions.


Services Included:

* Uncontested divorces                                                     * Business formation

* Child support, document preparation                          * Advice, consultation, & representation

* Trial defense                                                                      * Contract & document review

* IRS audit assistance                                                          * Uncontested name change

Power of Attorneys                                                            * Uncontested separation

* Landlord disputes                                                              * Identity threat & credit alerts

* FMLA matters                                                                      * Credit score tracker

* Prenuptials                                                                          * Access to Private Investigators

* Estate document preparation                                         * 24/7 Emergency access                    

* Demand letters & Phone calls on your behalf               * Traffic tickets

* and so much more!!!  


Join thousands of satisfied clients who have taken the necessary steps in protecting their legal rights. Secure your future, protect your rights, and enjoy a peace of mind!

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