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Legal Services 

T & T Notary are not attorneys licensed to practice in the state of law of Florida and we will not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

Legal issues can be confusing and complicated. Most lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour just to review contracts, answer questions, or do consultations. And let's not even discuss retainer fee charges. Having access to lawyers can help you enter contracts, handle disputes, understand confusing legal jargon and so much more. You don't have to face legal problems alone just because it's too expensive. There is a better way to hire a lawyer and not go broke.


T & T Notary has partnered with an exclusive team that provides experienced attorneys to our clients for a fraction of the price. When you join the membership, you get access to legal services in your area. From court representation for a speeding ticket, to real estate matters, to family matters such as adoption and name changes, to estate planning needs such as will preparation and beyond, they are here to help you with your personal matters – no matter how traumatic or trivial they may seem. They can provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and advice that you need. Don't fight your legal battles alone.  This innovative plan has disrupted the traditional legal system. A legal system that is already too expensive, complicated, and time-consuming for hardworking people to afford. 

If you have ever been arrested, faced an injury from an auto accident, served a warrant, or needed to get a divorce, then having a team of lawyers on standby working on your behalf for a "Dollar a Day" might just benefit you more than paying upfront ridiculous retainer fees. You will have attorneys that can support you with uncontested divorces, child support, document preparation, trial defense, IRS audits, Power of Attorneys, landlord disputes, FMLA matters, prenuptials, wills, demand letters, traffic tickets, and so much more! 


Find out what it feels like to say, "Let me run that by my attorney." Simply signup for a monthly membership plan starting as low as $29.95 per month. You'll get 24/7/365 emergency legal access to a lawyer if your legal rights, freedoms or liberties are being denied or threatened. Additionally, you'll receive a 25% discount off of your provider law firm’s hourly rate for legal services not otherwise covered in your member contract. Lastly, you'll also be able to enjoy preferred member pricing on some of your favorite brands and services - and save more than the cost of the plan! They have helped millions of individuals and businesses since 1972.

Everyday legal matters can pop up unexpectedly, and having a lawyer’s 

direction can help you navigate through them. Want to start a business but don't know where to start? Thinking about creating a will? No worries, our partners have your back.!

Here's what our Clients are saying...

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"So far, the lawyer assigned to me (Andrew) has been a big help in my battle with a contractor who didn't care about my tools and electric items when he replaced my back porch. Andrew at the Anderson Law Firm has been a huge help in dealing with this contractor and I thank him very much. Excellent job Andrew!"

Fred, US

"I am very pleased with the outcome in my legal case. I was being billed for a software that I was not receiving. I spoke to different people and none of those individuals listened to me. I was able to discuss my case with the attorney and the problem was resolved."

Silvia F., US

"I had a letter written by my designated law firm regarding a faulty piece of equipment that I had purchased that caused the death of one of my animals. They were very knowledgeable about what my rights are, and how to move forward. They wrote a letter, and made sure they had all accurate information, and made sure I had a chance to review it before it was sent. I felt involved in this process!"

Alicia P., US

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