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Notary Business Setup Assistance

**Can be spread out in several in-person/virtual appointments**

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Embarking on the journey of establishing your notary business? Let us be your trusted ally in crafting a strong foundation for your success! Our company specializes in providing tailored assistance to notaries, ensuring a seamless and professional start to your entrepreneurial venture.


  • Website Wizardry: Unleash the full potential of your notary services with a captivating online presence. 


  • Secretary of State Registration: We'll assist you in completing the necessary paperwork to get registered with the Secretary of State.

  • Google Platforms Mastery: Our specialists will help you set up and optimize your Google platforms, ensuring potential clients can easily find and connect with your notary services online.

  • Virtual Business Address: Impress clients with a professional image! We'll guide you in adding a virtual business address to your profile, enhancing credibility and trustworthiness for your notary business.


  • Banking Solutions Referral: Secure the financial backbone of your business with ease. Rely on our recommendations for virtual business banking options tailored to meet the unique needs of notaries, facilitating seamless transactions and financial management.

With our comprehensive support, you can get up and running quicker with a team that is already in the business to help. We assist you in taking care of the intricate details of setting up and optimizing your business. Elevate your notary venture to new heights with our expertise and watch as your business flourishes!

Let our team assist you in getting your notary business started in Florida. From enhancing your website to setting up google platforms, we can help you make getting your business started with ease. 

This can be scheduled in multiple appointments at the availability of T & T Notary. Please note, our team assists you in your business setup regarding the services mentioned above. This is not a service where our team will build your business solely. 


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