General Notary Work

Our Notary Signing agents are experts in screening signers for important documents according to Florida laws. We notarize your documents to verify that the parties to an agreement have signed and entered into the agreement willingly. Our screening helps to prevent document fraud and protects the personal rights of the signer. Documents that may need to be notarized are contracts, leases, affidavits, directives, agreements, POAs, court documents, Wills, Trusts etc. T & T Notary agents are not just notaries, we are experts in our field and strive to conduct every transaction accordingly.


In-Office Fees

  •      Acknowledgements   $10.00

  •      Oaths                            $10.00*

  •     Attest Photocopies     $10.00*  (The document cannot be a vital or public record. )


  •     Print fee, if required    $1.00 per pg.

Mobile Fees


  •      Acknowledgements   $10.00

  •     Oaths                            $10.00*

  •      $1.75 per mile travel fee 

  •     Print fee, if required    $1.00 per pg.

  •     $15 cancellation fee for time & processing if the       document is not able to be notarized at no fault     of T & T Notary

*Fee is per notarized certificate


Additional $40 Witness fee per witness, if required

After Hours (6pm - 8am)/ Holiday charge - Additional $15.00