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Registered Agent

When establishing an LLC or corporation, it's essential to appoint a registered agent and ensure you have one in each state where your business operates. This requirement is rooted in the principles of due process, which mandate that all parties involved in legal actions must be adequately informed before proceedings can advance. A key responsibility of a registered agent is to make sure your business receives the necessary notifications when it becomes involved in a legal dispute.

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  • We locally scan documents to you as we receive them.

  • We are physically present to accept process server documents and legal court ordered documents during business hours.

  • We provide security, privacy, and support.

  • We are the perfect size company to provide you with the best quality control and customer service needed. 

  • You pay less than $11 per month. No hidden, price increases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a person or company designated to receive service of process and official mail on behalf of your business. Registered agents are also known as statutory agents, resident agents, and agents for service of process. Each state requires registered business entities (such as an LLC, a corporation, or a nonprofit) to appoint a registered agent on their formation documents. These formation documents (often called “articles of organization” or “articles of incorporation”) are filed with the state. The information listed in the formation documents becomes public record.

Who can be a registered agent?

State statutes generally require that registered agents meet the following requirements: Office: Registered agents must have a physical address in the state where they can receive and accept service of process. This is often referred to as their “registered office.” Residency: Typically, registered agents must either reside in the state where they serve as a registered agent, or they must be a business approved to provide registered agent service in the state. Businesses providing registered agent service must maintain a physical address in the state. Availability: Registered agents must be available to accept legal documents and official mail during normal business hours. Consent: Agents must consent to being designated a registered agent. In many states, registered agents need to provide a signature proving they have accepted the responsibility. For example, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington and Wyoming all require registered agent signatures on your formation documents.

Do I need a registered agent?

Yes. Not only are registered agents nearly always required by state statutes, but they provide a systematic way to ensure a business can reliably receive official and legal notices (including service of process.)

What is service of process?

Service process is the delivery of a legal notice (such as a summons or subpoena) to an individual or a business. These legal notices require a timely response and specific action from the recipient—such as producing documents, ceasing an activity, or appearing in court. When the recipient is a business entity, service of process goes to the company’s designated registered agent. For example, when a business is on the receiving end of a lawsuit, a process server will deliver a summons to the company’s registered agent.

Can I use my registered agent address as my business address?

Our registered agent's address is intended to be listed with the Secretary of State's office to show a company has an Agent on file to your business to help keep yours private but you will need a business address in order to receive regular mail. You can sign up for a virtual business address for $9.99 per month.

Why hire a registered agent service?

A professional registered agent service centers its business around being available to accept your documents, freeing you up to focus on more important things. They have other benefits as well. Registered agent services provide their address on your public documents, helping keep yours private. A good service should also scan and send you your documents the same day, provide you with reminders for state compliance reports, and provide you with easy access to forms and services to help you maintain your business. Below are common situations in which it would be beneficial to hire a registered agent service: You have locations in multiple states. You don’t have a physical address. You plan to change your address as you grow. You don’t want the world to know your home address. You don’t plan to be in the office Monday-Friday, 9-5. You want instant access to documents from wherever you are. You want electronic scans of your documents for safekeeping or backup. You want reminders for state compliance requirements. You want a little more peace of mind.

What mailings does the registered agent accept?

State and legal mailings such as summons, lawsuits, court hearings, or state issued mailings are unlimited to receive, view, and have physically forwarded (upon request) with active services within the U.S. Additional shipping fee's will apply for items mailed overseas. You will want to use your own addresses for all regular mail and packages. Regular mail is considered to be anything not of Legal nature such as banking items, insurance, personal, Amazon, etc. - We cannot accept Google or Amazon verification cards sent to our Registered Agent. Clients would need to use their own mailing address for these types of mailings.

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Only $125 Per Year

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